Deer Processing Plants Already Bombarded

by Ashley Drane on December 1, 2009 at 1:52 am

With deer gun hunting season in full swing now meat processing plants are filling up.

Phillips Meat Processing Plant has their work cut out for them. They’ve already seen more deer than last year.
"Yesterday we had 120 deer which is just a few more then last year so we’re raising the bar," Owner Dale Phillips said.

Hunters pay a flat rate to get their deer processed. They pick out how they want their meat cut and then are able to pick it up in two days.

Owner Dale Phillips says normally they are busiest in the evening.

" Everyone hunts all day and then bring them in in the evening and thats when the bulk of our business," Phillips said.

Phillips Meat Processing Plant helps the non profit organization Farmers and Hunters Feed the Hungry.

People can donate money or deer and Phillips will process it and then it goes to Christ’s table who then distributes it to organizations in Muskingum County that help feed the hungry.

They are already up in donations. Phillips says they had 100 deer last year and this year they already have 90. So they are looking to double the amount of donations.