Freezing Rain Causes Several Accidents

by Katie Jeffries on December 13, 2009 at 7:15 am

Muskingum and surrounding counties did not have any fatal crashes due to the freezing rain, but there were several accidents.

Sgt. Clark Felix with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says troopers were very busy this morning handling accidents and cars running off the road. He says the freezing rain was problematic for drivers.

"Well I think it tricked a lot of them.  A lot of it looked like it had melted when there was still ice on the road, so yea, I guess you could call it black ice," says Sgt. Felix.

Sgt. Felix says once the troopers see the freezing rain is causing a problem with the roads they notify the Ohio Department of Transportation. O-DOT then sends out crews to treat the roads, focusing on the interstate and heavily traveled roads. That means secondary roads are treated last and have the most amount of accidents. Sgt. Felix has some tips if your car slides on ice.

"Once you start into a slide usually the best thing to do is to just take your foot off the brake completely and try to steer out of it," tells Sgt. Felix.

A dispatcher with the Zanesville Post of the State Highway Patrol says there were six crashes in Muskingum County and 20 in Guernsey County. A dispatcher with the Granville Post of the State Highway Patrol says Licking County had 13 accidents.


Katie Jeffries