Letters to Santa

by Emily Baird on December 9, 2009 at 6:32 am

The Post Office is helping kids around the area who still need to get their letters to Santa this year.

As it collects the letters, it will send them to the North Pole.

"We take it up with a sled. It takes us awhile to get it there, but we get it there, " says Zanesville Postmaster Steve Williams.

Every child will know that Santa has gotten their letters because the big guy himself will write back a response.

"I wish I was there to see each kid and their eyes light up, but unfortunately, i don’t get to see that part of it. We’d probably have to ask parents about that, but I’m sure that’s a thrill that they’re never going to forget, " says Williams.

To get your letter to Santa in time, the Post Office suggests handing them in by Monday, December 21st.