Library Circulation Up

by Emily Baird on December 14, 2009 at 5:14 am

More people are using their library cards across the state of Ohio.

In fact, many libraries are reporting that their circulation numbers are up.

"Libraries are alive and well. I will tell you the interesting thing is that people are using us differently, " says John McIntire Library spokesman Blair Tom.

The John McIntire Library in Zanesville has more people checking out electronic resources, such as books on tape and DVD’s. There’s also more people on the computers.

As for books, magazines, and newspapers, they are fairing well too.

"We are about equal to last year, but that’s in light of the fact that we were closed for a 1 week furlough, and we’ve reduced our hours this past year. So, that would translate into an increase of sorts, " says Tom.

Tom says he believes the economy is prompting more people to lend instead of spend, and he believes it’s one of the reasons the library’s levy passed in November.