Local High School gets a Challenge from a Columbine Victim’s Family

by Ashley Drane on December 10, 2009 at 1:11 am

Tri–valley high school students got a challenge from a columbine victim’s family member.

Larry Scott the uncle of the first girl who was shot and killed in the columbine massacre spoke to the students this morning about kindness.

"Rachel believed in when a persons heart is to be kind towards other people and have be compassionate to other people then there’s not going to be any bullying there’s not going to be any violence," Larry Scott said.

Rachel was the first victim of the columbine shooters more than ten years ago and now in her memory family and friends have created Rachel’s challenge.

"Rachel’s challenge and the chain reaction is what she believed in to start a chain reaction number one to eliminate prejudice look for the best in others number two dare to dream set goals number 3 chose positive influences for your life begin to do little acts of kindness number 4 number 5 to start a chain reaction of of kindness and compassion," Scott said.

Scott feels like we have the same problems today that we did ten year ago at columbine.

"There still is bullying there still is name calling," Scott said.

Scott says kids think being mean is okay they think it’s cool. They don’t know they are hurting people.
Rachel believed that kindness and compassion is the best anecdote to violence. And Larry says sometimes kids don’t realize how powerful their words are. Rachel’s challenge will speak to more than a million students this school year.