Local NBA Star is Giving Ten Kids in Need a Big Christmas

by Ashley Drane on December 15, 2009 at 1:26 am

Local NBA Star Kevin Martin is giving back to his home town.

With the help of Martin’s grandmother and PR person Shannon Kennedy he is buying ten area kids a big Christmas and they don’t even who it’s from.
The ten lucky children from Mcintire/Munson Elementary School (2), Wilson Elementary (4), National Road Elementary (2) and Westview Elementary (2) will be getting Christmas presents from the professional NBA star.

"They called the school and talked to the Principal Jeff Moore and he is the one who gave them the names of the under privileged families that we’re shopping for," Teena Vigus NBA Star Kevin Martin’s Grandmother said.

Kennedy talked to each family member and asked them what they wanted but didn’t tell them who the gifts were coming from. They have been shopping all week for the gifts.
Kevin’s grandmother Teena Vigus says he just wants to give back to his hometown.

"Kevin is just a giving person he came from humble beginnings like a lot of people in Zanesville and he just likes to give back to the community because this is where he got his start."

Vigus and Kennedy will be delivering the presents all week.
Vigus says Kevin hopes anyone who has an abundance of things gives back especially during the holidays.