Local School Gives 56,000 Canned Goods

by Katie Jeffries on December 4, 2009 at 7:13 am

The Salvation Army is commending a local school for its massive collection of canned goods.

John Glenn High School donated over 56,000 canned goods  to the Salvation Army. Captain Campbell says the school’s donation is a tremendous help for the Salvation Army food drive.

"We make up a box that gives them 3 to 5 days worth of food as well as a Christmas dinner and that is where all that will go," says Capt. Campbell with the Salvation Army.

Campbell says this donation is the biggest in the country that he knows of. Last year the Salvation Army packed around 4,000 boxes. Campbell says he appreciates all the hard work the students have done.

"Young kids today sometimes they get a bad rap with the skate boards and the texting and whatever else goes on and here you see a whole school with young people who stood up and said we want to be counted to make a difference," tells Capt. Campbell.

Local service men from the Air National Guard were on hand to load up the canned goods and sort them. Campbell says he hopes to have this whole room filled by Christmas.


Katie Jeffries