New Details In Dead Body In River Investigation

by Emily Baird on December 28, 2009 at 1:39 am

Zanesville Police are releasing more information about a man found dead in the Muskingum River Sunday evening. Detective Sergeant Ric Roush says he is now being identified as a 29-year-old white male from out of town. Roush says he will not yet release the victim’s name or hometown. But Roush says the Franklin County Coroner’s report has been released and it shows the victim died of a head injury from a fall. Detective Roush says the victim was living under the Y-Bridge, apparently got drunk, fell down and hit his head, then rolled into the edge of the river. Roush say the victim was well known to police and was a big drinker. He had been arrested twice before. Police say a passerby spotted the victim’s body last evening around 5:30 and thought it was a pile of clothes. The name of the victim and other details are expected to be released by Roush on Tuesday.