Police and Firefighters Don’t Take A Break For The Holidays

by Katie Jeffries on December 25, 2009 at 6:10 am

While many people are home with their families, others had to sacrifice their holiday and work.

Firefighters and police officers in Zanesville didn’t get to spend the day with their families, but they say spending it with their friends and co-workers isn’t bad at all.

"Since we hang out all day and we are here 24 hours with everybody it is like a second family," says Tim Gaal, a firefighter with ZFD.

Zanesville Firefighters work 24 hour shifts so they prepare a large Christmas meal and all three stations come together to eat. Police officers work eight hour shifts and are able to see their families and have their own Christmas celebration.

"If we get a chance we might get some cookies or make a sandwich or something depends on the call load, how busy we are," says Preston Curtis, a Patrolman with the ZPD.

Both the Police and Fire Departments say they have not been overly busy Christmas Day, but they are always waiting for their next run. Dick Atkinson has been a firefighter for almost 27 years and says one of his most memorable nights with the department happened on Christmas night years ago.

"We had a chimney fire on Cliffwood Avenue in the middle of the night, on Christmas Night, so we had to get up there on top of the roof and check the chimney and it was a crystal clear night, snow on the ground and everything and it was kind of beautiful," says Atkinson. 

Firefighters and police officers say the community relies on them so it is important they be available 24 hours a day, even on holidays.



Katie Jeffries