Procrastinating Pays Off For Shoppers

by Katie Jeffries on December 27, 2009 at 7:33 am

Time is ticking down for last minute shoppers.

For many at Colony Square Mall the hunt was on for the perfect gift, but for some, the crowd was overwhelming.

"It’s crazy a lot of people out here, trying to do last minute shopping just like everyone else, so it has just been hectic around here," says shopper Chris Landis

Others say this year’s Christmas Eve crowd is not as bad as last year.

"It has been pretty easy going actually, some people but not many," says Dave King as he picked up his last gifts.

For those who did wait til the last minute, many found great sales.

"There’s a lot of sales, everything is on sale, I like it. I’d rather do my shopping last minute than a couple months before," says Kelsie Churchill.

While waiting til the last minute is stressful, but some say their procrastination saved them a few bucks.