Recycle Old Computers

by Audry Kensicki on December 21, 2009 at 10:13 am

Instead of sending that old computer to a landfill, a local company is offering a way for old PC’s to be recycled.

Goodwill in Zanesville is launcing its Reconnect program to provide a place to drop off the old technology and keeping it out of the trash.

"Dell and Goodwill have a national partnership," said Jake Chema of Goodwill. "We have launched a program called Reconnect. It’s a free year-round recycling program that is offered to our consumers. They are free to donate all their equipment to all our retail stores and donation centers."

Chema says it doesn’t matter what year or brand computer you have, Goodwill can recycle it all.

"Bring in all of your old equipment, anything that plugs into your computer," he said. "Monitors, cpus, speakers, keyboards. Goodwill will accept anything that will plug into your computer tower."

Chema says the parts will be sorted and packed by Goodwill, then recycled by Dell.

If you have a computer to recycle … Take it to the Goodwill on Maple Avenue in the dropoff area.