Roads Started Slippery, But Got Better

by Katie Jeffries on December 19, 2009 at 7:33 am

Snow plows were out in full force Saturday, trying to clear the roads.

Muskingum, Morgan, Perry, Guernsey and Licking Counties all saw more accidents and fender-benders than normal, but none had serious injuries. Drivers on the road this morning experienced slippery conditions, but by afternoon the roads were in better shape.

"Just the last few minutes I have been out they are very clear, haven’t had any trouble, not slipping or sliding," says Tom Sulens.

"I thought they were moderately clear driving down.  I came down I-77 then across I-70 so around New Cumberstown it was a little bit slippery, a lot of truck traffic on I-70 made the visibility bad," says Laurel Caton.

"I saw a lot of trucks out plowing, but I didn’t, you know, see any salt or anything like that," tells Tom Robinson.

The only fatal accident reported in the area involves a semi-trailer, but it is not weather related. The Cambridge Post of the State Highway Patrol says the driver died of a heart attack and ran into the median. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.



Katie Jeffries