“Santa’s Land” In Corning

by Katie Jeffries on December 16, 2009 at 9:41 am

A Christmas display in corning known as "Santa’s Land" brings in spectators from all around the area. Three houses on Porta Flamingo Road put their Christmas decorations together to create a winter wonderland for families. Patsy Plants, the owner of one of the houses, says it takes the family a couple weeks to put up, but they do it for a simple reason.

"To make the kids happy, make people happy, it just makes me happy to see other people happy," says Plant.

The owners of the houses are all related and this is the third year the family has put up the decorations, adding to the display each year. They are unsure how many decorations they have accumulated, but Patsy says it feels good to spread holiday cheer.



Katie Jeffries