Smoke Detectors for All

by Audry Kensicki on December 28, 2009 at 10:05 am

Every year in Muskingum County nearly 100 homes have new smoke detectors installed thanks to a local fund.

The ABC Wilson Fund is funded through private donations and run through the Zanesville Fire Department.

"It was something that was created after the 1989 Christmas morning fire which the three children were lost," said Zanesville Fire Chief Dave Lacy. "It’s just a fund we’ve kept up with and we us it to buy smoke detectors and pass those out for free for people in the community."

That fire happened on Larzelere Avenue and killed three young boys Adam, Brian and Craig Wilson. The fire was caused by overheated Christmas decorations.

Lacy says many fires occur around Christmastime.

"Normally that’s when we see the number of fires increase because of the way people heat their homes," said Lacy. "There’s so much more potential to have a fire than during the rest of the year."

Chief Lacy said they see people come in, requesting the detectors in waves.

"We are also seeing an increase of people coming in when we have a fire some place in the city or the county, in which there were no working detectors," he said. "People pay attention to the news and then come in and get themselves a detector."

If you would like to pick up a smoke detector for your home, go to the central fire station on Fourth Street in downtown Zanesville.