Stocking Up In Preparation of Snow

by Katie Jeffries on December 18, 2009 at 6:41 am

The area’s first serious snow is on its way and expected to hit Friday night we and could see four inches of the white stuff.

In preparation, stores around our area are stocking up on supplies needed for the snowy season.

"I am sure everyone will be looking for salt, snow shovels, windshield wiper fluid, mostly all the staples and we have ordered accordingly to prepare for this," says Steve Fusner the Assistant Manager at Riesbeck’s Pick & Save.

Fusner says he has seen a steady sale in snow supplies and expects it to pick up as people get out of work.  He has 300 bags of salt and expects to sell almost all of it tonight.

"Usually the first snow everyone panics when they drive and being this close to the holiday with shopping, I would say we would run pretty close," says Fusner.


Katie Jeffries