Taking Care of Pets During Holidays

by Emily Baird on December 24, 2009 at 5:21 am

Many people will be traveling this holiday season, and some family pets will be going along for the ride too.

"I travel with my pets all the time. They like to go, but some pets are really uncomfortable riding in the car. So, you base it on the animal, " says Animal Shelter of Muskingum County Executive Director, Larry Hostetler.

Hostetler wants to make sure the pets that are left behind this holiday season aren’t neglected.

"If it’s a few hours, most of the animals are used to being along for a while-while you’re at work and stuff-but if you’re going away overnight, you might want to consider a pet sitter coming in or a friend to take care of the animals, " says Hostetler.

Hostetler says cats are a little easier to take care of because they can be left home alone a little bit longer, but he says to make sure your pets have plenty of food and water.

If you’re pets stay outdoors, make sure they have a warm and dry place to go if it gets cold out, such as a barn, garage, or dog house, and if you plan on being out of town for an extended period of time, Hostetler says you may want to think about boarding your pets at a local facility or veterinarian’s office.