Transferring a Deed May get Easier

by Ashley Drane on December 28, 2009 at 1:26 am

Soon it might be a little easier to get a deed transferred over to another name.

Executive Director of the Muskingum County Planning Commission Andrew Roberts proposed an idea this morning at the county commissioners meeting to do all deed transfers electronically to save time.

"He had complaints from realtors about closings taking too long here and there," Roberts said. 

Roberts says right now the paperwork is dropped off at the planning commission office and then it’s taken through all the steps which takes about four or five days. Online would be much quicker.

"What we are proposing is an online application that would automatically go out to all these agencies instead of having hard copy paper being distributed to all of them," Roberts said.

This new plan would shave at least four days off the process. Roberts also hopes to also be able to collect fees online..