Waiting Til Last Minute Stresses Shoppers

by Katie Jeffries on December 20, 2009 at 8:24 am

Vendors at the collectibles show said the Colony Square Mall was the busiest they have ever seen for the holidays.

They say waiting til the last minute to shop has made many of the shoppers very stressed.

"Some people tend to be stressful because they are getting that last moment gift idea and some of them are finding it, some are not finding it, but there is a lot of different stuff here at the mall this weekend so they should be able to find anything," says Tony Johnson from TNT Diecast.

"The weather I think yesterday kind of slowed people down, but today it is early and it is busy," says Kim Ash from Generation Juice.

There is an up side to procrastinating your holiday shopping. Sales and discounts often get better the closer it gets to Christmas.



Katie Jeffries