Weather Slows Down But Doesn’t Stop Aide

by Emily Baird on December 9, 2009 at 6:39 am

No matter what mother nature has in store for the area, Community Ambulance is constantly on call.

The 11 ambulances are ready to go when they get the signal, but sometimes, the weather can slow crews down.

"Ultimately, obviously we’re very concerned about the safety of our crews, but we want to make sure we are able to continue to provide care to the community as well, " says Executive Director, Phil Koster.

Koster says if there’s notice that the weather will be declining, Community Ambulance has plans in place ahead of time to tackle the elements. It will have crews positioned in different areas throughout Muskingum and Perry counties and will have extra crews on hand, and if it’s really bad outside, Community Ambulance turns to other agencies for help.

"In the most extreme situations, we will make sure we have plow trucks assigned to our ambulances to make sure that the roads are cleared. We work very closely with the fire departments as well. We have a four wheel vehicle and other resources that the county has for those very difficult to reach locations, " says Koster.

Koster says Community Ambulance has always found a way to be there when people are in trouble and need help.