Zanesville Class Has Community Project

by Emily Baird on December 1, 2009 at 4:30 am

One local classroom at McIntire Munson Elementary School is helping with Zanesville K9 Bosco’s recovery.

Mrs. Nichol’s talented-gifted students formed the Little Devils Leadership Club and were involved in a community project that would benefit Bosco.

"The way that we helped Boso is that we sold picutres of Bosco, just like this one, for a dollar at our school, " says one of the students.

The total amount the club collected was more than 200 dollars.

"We would like to encourage communities and other schools to donate money for Bosco, like we did, " says another student.

The students had to conduct research on Bosco and Patrolman Mike Schiele to carry out the project, which is also leading into a second project the class is doing. They will be writing news stories on a number of different topics.

"They have to create the questions. They’re going to have to research some information about the topic, and they also have to develop their oral communication skills, which I think all those are very, very important, " says Nichols.

The stories will be posted on a new online newspaper that the class is launching.