Zanesville Country Club Works With Eastside Community Ministry

by Katie Jeffries on December 18, 2009 at 6:44 am

The Zanesville Country Club is selling its merchandise for 70% off to help a charitable organization.

Mike Durant, the Head Golf Professional at the country club, says all a person has to do to get the discount is bring in three or more items to donate to the Eastside Community Ministry. The country club has been holding this sale since December 1st and Durant says people often bring in 10 or more items to donate.

"We were hoping maybe 50 or 60 pieces, clothing to take to the Eastside Ministry, but the response has been overwhelming and humbling and we have over 500 pieces so far and maybe we will get to 600 pieces that we can help the Eastside Ministry with," says Durant.

The Zanesville Country Club is also giving some of its new clothing along with golf clubs to the Eastside Community Ministry. Ministry Executive Director, Bob Davidson, says their clothing bank is very important to those in need this winter season.

"It means a great deal especially as the cold weather has come on, we are seeing a greater number of people come in and needing good clothes to keep them warm and that type of things, so we are able to have our shelves stocked and people can come and get what they need," says Davidson.

Durant says the Zanesville Country Club enjoys helping the community and the sale is open to anyone. So if you are looking for a gift for an avid golfer this holiday season, with the donation of three items, you can get anything in the store at 70% off.



Katie Jeffries