Zanesville Drug Bust Update

by Emily Baird on December 30, 2009 at 5:29 am

The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office is working on a major drug bust it has been investigating for three months.

Sheriff Matt Lutz says it focused on an individual that has been a person-of-interest for some time.

"This case is very impressive for our drug unit to be concluding, and again, it is a top level supplier, " says Lutz.

A search warrant at Central Avenue in Zanesville was conducted last evening, and three individuals were taken into custody, but Lutz says the night didn’t end there.

"They kind of breed other investigations, and search warrants come to breed other search warrants. So, yesterday we went into it with the idea that we were doing one search warrant for sure, probably two, and we ended up doing three. (We) probably have a couple more out of it, " says Lutz.

Lutz says he can’t release the locations where the other two search warrants were conducted, and he says he can’t comment if any more people were taken into custody.

He did say more than 600 grams of cocaine was confiscated along with firearms, other property, and a large amount of cash.

Lutz says the names of the individuals can’t be released until charges are filed, which he hopes to have tomorrow.

"Some of these charges will be high level felonies, up to felony one, which is the most severe, " says Lutz.

Lutz says there may even be some federal conspiracy charges in the works.