Zanesville Mall Packed with Shoppers

by Emily Baird on December 12, 2009 at 9:34 am

Christmas shoppers are taking over the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville.

If you were driving anywhere near the mall this afternoon, you probably ran into some traffic.

"Driving sucks. People run out in front of you, and you pretty much almost run into them….Was it hard to get a parking spot? Did you have to walk far?… No, I have to drive up and down the aisles a couple times though," says local shopper Bree Brown.

Once you got inside, people were stuffing into the stores.

"The lines are so long, but everyone’s having fun, " says local shopper Jeanna Nelson.

"Couple stores I’ve been in, it seemed like the lines were a little bit long. People, after a while, you shop all day and you get a little tired. It seemed like some of them were saying let’s move a little faster here if we can, " says local shopper Raymond Back.

There’s officially two weeks until the big day arrives.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out the top items on some local residents’ shopping lists for Christmas.