Zanesville Sanitation Department Self-Sufficient

by Emily Baird on December 30, 2009 at 5:32 am

Zanesville’s Sanitation Department will no longer be affected by the city’s budget crunch.

City Council passed an ordinance Monday that will increase sanitation rates.

Public Service Director, Mike Sims, says he understands residents won’t be happy about paying more but this change will help them out in the long-run.

"In this case, they will see the benefits of that simply because it will enable the division to become self-funded or self-sufficient, " says Sims.

Some residents already saw what could have happened to the Sanitation Department had it not become self-sufficient. Crews missed picking up trash last Friday.

"Because of the necessary overtime that would have been paid out on Saturday, and we had some customers upset with us over that, " says Sims.

Sims says it will take about two months to generate funding for the Sanitation Department and get employees back to their usual business.