2-Hours Delays Not Problem for Zanesville Schools

by Emily Baird on January 26, 2010 at 6:23 am

Southeastern Ohio is dealing with a snowy and cold winter.

Since December, we haven’t many significant snowfalls, but we have had consistent snow showers that have dumped enough of the white stuff to cause problems across the area.

That’s why some area schools were forced to cancel classes for the day, and others went on a two-hour delay, including Zanesville City Schools.

Operations Services Coordinator, Kevin Appleman, says the district tries to shoot for the two-hour delays first if the weather gets bad outside.

"The two-hour delay is nice because it gives us a chance to clear the buildings and let the street crews get out there to clear things off. We can get the kids to school, " says Appleman.

Appleman says the district hasn’t run into any problems with parents, students, and staff adjusting to the two-hour delay.

"I think it gives families some extra time too if they bring their kids to school and clean the cars off. We want the safety for them too, but there really haven’t been too many headaches with that, " says Appleman.

Appleman says the district will cancel school if the weather is bad enough for the safety of students and staff.

Zanesville has already used two of its five calamity days.