Anticipating Nursing Shortage

by Emily Baird on January 27, 2010 at 5:19 am

The task of finding a job in this economy is proving to be difficult, but one field is turning its attention toward the future and the possibility of a nursing shortage.

"The projection with the aging population of nurses who are currently working in the healthcare and also nursing educators. Many of those are going to be retiring within the next probably 10 to 15 years, " says OU-Z Nursing Associate Director, Pamela Sealover.

A second factor that will be contributing to the shortage is the increased need for care by the baby-boomer generation ages. Sealover says Ohio University-Zanesville’s nursing program is reaching out to the younger generation to gage interest in this field, and there’s a diverse trend that has been emerging.

"I think at one time, nursing was a field that many women flocked to, but these days, I think there are many fields that women get into. What we’ve really seen is not just women, but we’ve had increasing numbers of men, " says Sealover.

Sealover says there’s concern that the shortage will affect the quality of medical care, but it also will present a wide range of opportunities for new nurses entering the field.