Boy Scouts Are Off to the Races

by Katie Jeffries on January 18, 2010 at 10:04 am

Local boy scouts were off the races Sunday afternoon.

Fifteen boy scouts from pack 121 out of Dresden, raced their homemade cars in the 40th Annual Pinewood Derby.

"They start with a block of wood with wheels and nails and they carve it and shape it and build it within a set of specs for length width, etc," explains Dan Riley, the Pack Committee Chairman.

Each race car must be 2 3/4 inches by 7 inches and not weigh over 5 ounces to compete. Riley says making the cars teaches the boy scouts about tools, but the more important part is that children get to spend time with their parents and that is exactly what 1st grader, Dylan Walker, did.

"Well I helped my dad sand my car and we put some graphite on the wheels and that is about it," says Walker.

Dylan says he can’t wait to race his car and he hopes to win. Each car raced multiple times and rank was determined by a points system. The race cars came in many different designs, but the key to winning is the car’s weight.

"Actually there is no right or wrong, primarily to get as close to the maximum weight as possible is one of the big keys.  A lot of it is in how you put your tires and wheels on, so I have seen cars that look like they are going to be really fast and be the slowest one on the course," says Riley.

Each Boy Scout received a participation trophy and the grade-level winners received medals. The overall winner this year is the defending champ, Ryan Thomas.