Car Repair Shops See Increase In Business

by Katie Jeffries on January 10, 2010 at 9:52 am

Many cars ended up in the shop after last week’s snow storm.

Brian Hughes, president of Car Club on Orchard Hill Road in Zanesville, says the damage from an accident or going into a ditch can be extensive.

"You can bend tire rods in, clear to bending your frame, just about anything, you never know," says Hughes.

Hughes says weather plays a big role in the amount of accidents he sees in the winter. Though he has seen a definite increase in the amount of cars coming in with damage, he says it does not compare to last year.

"It is not as bad as last year, last year we were pretty slammed, but this year wasn’t as bad, suppose it is the economy, nobody is driving as much as they were," says Hughes.

Besides damage from accidents, Hughes says people often come in with car problems due to the cold. He says the most common problems are frozen batteries, belts and low tire pressure.


Katie Jeffries