Cautions on the Ice

by Emily Baird on January 25, 2010 at 6:24 am

The dangers of venturing out on the ice are making headlines again.

Three young boys lost their lives this weekend in Sandusky when they fell through an icy river, and a local Pataskala boy still remains hospitalized at Grant Medical Center in Columbus after falling through the ice for more than an hour on January 3rd.

Zanesville Fire Chief, Dave Lacy, says it’s hard to tell when the water is completely frozen over, especially when you’re dealing with a moving body of water, and warm temperatures over the last week have melted some of the ice.

"You have so many unknowns with ice, and once the thaw begins, it takes a while to freeze over, " says Lacy.

If you do intend to ice skate, play hockey, or do some ice fishing, Lacy says you need to cut a hole to check the depth of the ice near the middle of the water source.

"They would have a rope attached to them, or they would slide something out on the ice that they can be sure they are safe when they are out and then make the hole, " says Lacy.

The Zanesville Fire Department typically handles one to two ice rescues a year.