Cheerleaders Pass On Spirit

by Katie Jeffries on January 23, 2010 at 5:35 am

The varsity cheerleaders at West Muskingum are passing the spirit along to the next generation.

Twenty two girls age 5-12 hit the hard wood early Saturday morning to attend a cheer clinic with the West Muskingum varsity cheerleaders.

"It is a chance for the girls to come and learn some chants, a dance, they learn jumps all the aspects of cheerleading, gymnastics as well and of course they look up to the older girls and just for them to have fun and learn to be spirited and not be shy," says Janelle Willkin the West Muskingum varsity cheerleading coach.

The girls get to show off the dance and cheers they learned at the next home West Muskingum basketball game during half-time.

"I think it is a lot of fun, especially when they get into it and they just love doing it," tells cheerleader Stacey Davis.

Stacey says she attended cheer clinics at West Muskingum when she was young. The West Muskingum cheerleaders hold clinics every year during the football and basketball seasons.


Katie Jeffries