Cleaning up the City’s Eye Sores

by Ashley Drane on January 4, 2010 at 2:26 am

The Community Development Director and the Muskingum County Commissioners are working on cleaning up the eye sores in the city.

The Community Development Director Stacy Clapper says the program is called the Neighbor Stabilization and the city is eligible as a region with Muskingum County for $957,000 to be spent on demolition and for housing development.

"Our overall goal is to address the issues of vacate abandon and foreclosed properties and we’re trying to do that two fold one through demolition and removing those structures that are unable to be rehabilitated and also helping families to become home owners and rehabilitating those properties," Clapper said.

Clapper says the area has a huge need for demolition of properties that are vacant abandoned and condemned.

She says they do have a down payment assistance program to help families find a foreclosed home and help them with a down payment and then pay to fix it up but right now families are having a hard time financing the foreclosed homes. So they want to focus on using the money on demolishing the condemned homes.

"So it’s harder to harder to spend the moneys in housing rehabilitation. So we’re choosing to spend more money in housing demolition that we initial planned for," Clapper said.

If they don’t spend the money in a timely manner then the money won’t be available for them to use anymore.

"The condemned properties do need to be torn down so if we are able to spend the money and address those units rather than losing the money," Clapper explained.

The commissioners are making a resolution to agree that we will continue spending money in demolition.
Demolition will improve the property values of the surrounding neighborhood and eliminate an eye sore. It also gets rid of a health hazard.