County Budget Cuts

by Ashley Drane on January 11, 2010 at 4:13 am

Today the Muskingum County Commissioners are reviewing all the departments 2010 budget requests.

And as expected many departments heads had to make more cut-backs. Muskingum County Auditor Anita Adams says they did the best they could to trim costs.

"We have been experiencing reduced revenues and in light of that we are asked as each department our office had to look at our requests to see if there were any voluntary cuts that we make and to hopefully being the budget in line and alliviate and not have to make any lay off or furloughs. We want to make sure to keep all our emplyees working and still provide services througout the county," Anita Adams said.

Adams says in her office’s original budget request, made back in June, employees were set to get a raise but now that’s not the case for the third year in a row. She says that everyone is dealing with the economy and the whole office wanted to do their part in making voluntary cut backs where they could so no one is getting a raise.

Adams says that the Commissioners are looking at the perminamt budget and it has to be balanced.