County Has $2 million Drop

by Kelly Mills on January 19, 2010 at 8:05 am

Muskingum County Commissioners are crunching numbers trying to deal with an almost $2 million drop in revenue from last year.

The 2010 county budget is $30.2 million, down from the $32 million budget of 2009.

Commissioner Brian Hill said the loss is caused by many factors including lower revenue from county departments, sales tax and the state.

"The biggest factor is actually lower interest income and then we had a local government fund that was also reduced, which is based off what the state’s level of revenues were," said Hill.

Commisioners are currently sending prospective budgets to department heads to see how their offices would be affected by the cuts.

Hill says their goal is to keep employees on the job, so the county can continue to function properly.

"It isn’t just about keeping employees on, but it’s being able to provide the service which we are obligated to provide to the citizens of Muskingum County, whether it be law enforcement or people Recorder’s Office, whatever it need to be there are services that need to be provided and that’s what those services go to provide," he said.

Hill said one positive factor in the budget crunch, is the county spent slightly less than $30 million last year, so they have carryover money for economic development projects.

He expects they’ll have the budget finalized in February.