Crowd Gets a Taste of Ethnic Foods Fair

by Katie Jeffries on January 15, 2010 at 6:31 am

A sweet aroma filled the air around Zane State College Friday.

More than 300 people crowded into The Campus Center to get a taste of the 18th Annual Ethnic Foods Fair. The featured dishes include German, Indian, Italian and Soul foods prepared by Zane State culinary students under the direction of Chef Marco Adornetto. The Marketing Director for Zane State, Tamra Pace, says the Ethnic Foods Fair is a fun way to celebrate diversity.

"Anything that can bring the community together in one place and interacting together and talking with each other is always an important event and in a very positive and fun way. It is very important to the event and it’s an event the community really looks forward to every year," tells Pace.

The Director of the Muskingum County Counseling Center, James McDonald, opened the event with a tribute to the legacy of Martin Luther King. Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling says an event like this is important to the community.

"Well here is a chance for people from all walks of life,eating together on a common cause honoring one of the greatest peace-makers of all time, Martin Luther King," tells Mayor Zwelling.

Mayor Zwelling says the food is great and he is proud to be in a country that celebrates its diversity.


Katie Jeffries