Crowds Cheer On Buckeyes!

by Katie Jeffries on January 1, 2010 at 6:51 am

The buckeyes made their 14th appearance today in the Rose Bowl and fans across the area packed local bars to cheer on them on.

"There’s no better place than Ohio State and I think that place (Pasadena) will be packed with scarlet and gray," says Carrie Bunting.

While many people were gearing up for the game, others were talking strategy to win.

"Score some touch downs some field goals, whatever we got to do," says Rick Fitch.

"I would run some and pass about three quarters of the time," says Mark Weaver.

Buckeye fans have flocked to Pasadena to support their team and fans back home say that support will mean a lot for the team.

"On the basketball court it is their 6th player, on the football field it is their 12th player, they are going to play well and they need that fan support," says Larry Sims.

Team spirit could be seen in even the youngest of fans.

"Go bucks! Go bucks!," cheered Caden & Cohen.