Different Salt For Different Terrain

by Katie Jeffries on January 3, 2010 at 9:42 am

With the below freezing temperatures, ice is becoming a bigger problem for drivers and homeowners.

To combat the ice, local stores such as Pick & Save in Zanesville are selling a variety of salt.  But certain types of salt will work better on different surfaces.

"If your driveway is limestone or gravel, a lot of folks use the extra coarse rock salt because it is larger and it will melt more ice and for concrete driveways we have the kind with calcium chlorite in it so it does protect your concrete and won’t ruin the concrete," says Steve Fusner, the Assistant Manager at Pick & Save.

If you are trying to get ice off your outdoor plants, Morton’s makes a Safety Plus salt that will not harm plants or pets. Fusner says the most popular seller is the Roadrunner salt because it can be used on almost all surfaces. If you are looking to save money and buy salt in bulk, Fusner suggests purchasing the 40 lbs bag of coarse rock salt.

"The coarser salt is better for traction, a lot of people will carry that in the trunk of their car and if they get stuck they can get out and throw it under their tires and it is a little coarser so they can get a lot better traction," says Fusner.

Fusner says people should always shovel their driveways first before putting salt down so the salt can work properly. Also, he suggests reading the labels on the salt bags to make sure you are getting the kind you need.


Katie Jeffries