Dollar General Employee Receives Community Award

by Katie Jeffries on January 29, 2010 at 11:38 am

Dollar General is rewarding an employee who does work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

The Outbound Manager for Dollar General, Lauren Todd, is being given the Dollar General Serving Others Award. Todd is a big brother, serves on the board and assist with fundraising activities for the organization. Last year’s winner, Bill McGee, nominated Todd.

"In the time frame that he works here for Dollar General, the night shift, it is unbelievable to me the time frame he has to be involved with an association with that," tells McGee.

In connection with the award, Dollar General gave Big Brothers, Big Sisters a check for $2,500. Mollie Crooks with Big Brothers, Big Sisters says the money will be used for programming. Todd says he is excited to receive the award and believes it is a great opportunity to recognize the work done by Big brothers, Big Sisters.

"I think it is our human nature to want to give back, I think the old saying is it is better to give than to receive and it is just something you want to do, you feel good about and that is just kind of the way I feel about it right now," says Todd.

This is the fourth year for the award and the general manager of Dollar General says it is to identify employees that go above and beyond in the community.


Katie Jeffries