Driving and Texting

by Ashley Drane on January 27, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Most of us have probably been distracted by their cell phone in the car at one point or another.

But are they going to agree if legislators ban texting while driving in Ohio.

"Well actually I’m all for it I think texting and driving is dangerous. Whenever you take your eyes off the road you’re definitely leaving room for an accident," Archie Bradshaw a local driver said.

But Bradshaw thinks it’ll be hard to enforce but thinks once they lay down some rules people will consider texting while driving.
But other’s think differently.

"As long as they’re good drivers there shouldn’t be a problem with it. People should be able to text whenever they want," Chris Roberts a local driver said.

One local man said he tries not to do it when he’s driving for personal reasons.

"For myself I had a good friend of mine that died in a car crash not too long ago with a phone issue so definitely would be a lot safer," Jacob Robinson a local driver said.

Robinson says that with the hand free devices that are out there is no need to text while you drive.