Expansion Brings More Opportunities to Goodwill Industries

by Katie Jeffries on January 14, 2010 at 5:18 am

New doors are opening for Goodwill Industries in Zanesville.

President and CEO of Goodwill Industries, Lou Cvetnic Jr., says the recently purchased Bloomer Candy facilities on West Pike are five times the size of the current facilities on Beaumont Street.

"It will provide Goodwill Industries with the opportunity to have additional growth in our training and employment areas and will give us an opportunity to provide addtional skills training in areas such as assembly work, re-packing work, and packaging work," says Lou Cvetnic Jr.

It will also provide more room for Goodwill’s recycling and de-manufacturing areas. Cvetnic says the new facility will provide Goodwill with the ability to work with more community partners for additional skills training. With the increase in space provided by the new facility, Cvetnic says Goodwill Industries will begin partnering with Avon in the plastics area. He says Goodwill simply outgrew their current facility.

"Our organization has doubled in growth in the last two years, prior to that the two years before that, we doubled in growth and our programing in terms of training with individuals is just exploding in terms of growth," tells Cvetnic.

The purchase of the Bloomer Candy Company facilites was $1.97 million, but Cvetnic says it was all paid for by Goodwill Industries. Cvetnic wants to thank all the board members, business owners, and donors who made this purchase possible. Goodwill Industries will move into the new facility in March.


Katie Jeffries