Free Help Filing Your Taxes

by Ashley Drane on January 26, 2010 at 3:03 am

There is free help availble if you think you may have have a problem completing your tax return.

The United Way’s Financial Stability Partnership wants you to keep your refund without paying any fees.
It’s the fourth year this program has provided this service to the community and in this economy every little bit helps.

"The Financial Stability partnership started several years ago as we’ve grown from 35 clients our first year. Last year, we had 260 clients for $354,000 in refunds where our clients got to keep every penny. So we feel there’s a need in the community to help individuals keep every penny," Amy Davis the Financial Stability Partnership Coordinator said.

Davis said they provide tax preparation assistance for people that have simple tax returns free of charge.

"They have to be individuals with a total income of below $57,000 for the tax year 2009. And that’s for low and moderate individuals then. They can not be in foreclosure or bankruptcy and we can’t do foreign investments. Again we can’t do small businesses anything like that," Davis said.

Davis said all the volunteers are trained to help them out with the paperwork and give them options. 

To make an appointment or to see if you qualify call 740-454-6872 Ext 230. The first clinic kicks off Feb. 6th.