Genesis Moving to New Electronic Records System

by Emily Baird on January 26, 2010 at 6:22 am

Genesis Healthcare System is in the process of setting up a new electronic records system.

It’s called EPIC, and it’s a medical software system that is used by more than 70 million patients in the US, including patients at the Cleveland Clinic.

"Today, a physician walks into an office with a piece of paper or a paper chart. In the future, that chart will be on a PC or some type of device in the physician’s office, and they will see the physician using that and actually sharing information with the patient because you’ll be able to pull up your X-ray information, your labs, everything, and the most current information, " says Vice President Chief Information Officer, Ed Romito.

Five physicians will give the system a trial run during November of this year. If all goes well, Genesis will begin its record conversion process that is estimated to take about three years to complete.

Romito says he understands that some people may be leery about having personal, medical information on a computer.

"We’re confident with the security measures and the confidentiality measures we have. So, the goal is to make the information available to those who need it, but only to those who need it and not accessible from the outside, " says Romito.

The EPIC system also will allow physicians to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically.

Patients will see benefits too with a feature on the system, called My Chart. It gives patients a user name and password so they can access their medical records from home and even their kids’ vaccination records.

Genesis will be one of the first healthcare systems in the area to use this kind of technology, and it is able to do so thanks to some federal stimulus funding.