Getting Your Car Winter Ready

by Katie Jeffries on January 7, 2010 at 6:24 am

With winter firmly set in, your car may need some up keep to make it through the frigid months. WHIZ’s Katie Jeffries has more.

Scraping the snow off your car is a pain, but it is not the only thing you need to do to keep your car running in freezing weather. Braden Gibbs, a Commercial Specialist with AutoZone on Maple Avenue says the cold weather can harm several different parts of your car.

"The cold weather takes a big toll on the battery, batteries do have some kind of water inside, they do tend to freeze sometimes," tells Gibbs.

Gibbs says to help prevent your battery from freezing, let your car run in your driveway for five to ten minutes. Letting your car run will also help save your oil.

"It thickens up the oil big time, that goes back to the warming the car up in the mornings to let your oil thin out so it is not taking a hard toll on your engine "

Also, Gibbs says people often come to them in the winter with windshield problems.

"A lot of times people in the winter time will try to use their windshield wipers when there is a lot of ice on the windshield and they could rip them right off, rip the rubbers off the wiper blades and you don’t want the metal scratching up your windshield," explains Gibbs.

So before you leave your house, make sure to scrape all the ice off your windshield. Also, if you start your car and hear a squealing sound it could be a serious problem with your belt.

"Because it (the belt) is worn down sometimes it can be the bearings and the pulleys make sure to keep that up to check, because nobody wants their belt to slip off while you are driving down the road," says Gibbs.

Last but not least, make sure to check your tire pressure or else you are not going anywhere.

"The cold weather tends to let a little bit of air out of your tires and you will drop quite a few pounds of pressure in your tires so you should definitely check those, they say about once a week," says Gibbs.

Your tire gauge should read anywhere between 32 to 35 PSI. The workers at AutoZone say they are more than willing to help you inspect your car if you feel there is a problem. Most importantly during the winter… take your time and drive safe.