Haitian Earthquakes Felt Locally

by Audry Kensicki on January 13, 2010 at 5:18 am

The devastation in Haiti after a massive earthquake is hitting home for some area residents.

Five southeastern Ohio churches–including two in Zanesville–were supposed to travel to Haiti on Saturday for their yearly mission trip. But the unexpected news of the earthquakes postponed that trip for several months.

"[The devastation is] just gut-wrenching, difficult to comprehend," said Pastor of Rolling Plains United Methodist Church Brian Law. "When you see something with your own eyes, and then you see it on CNN or FOX about the devastation, it wells up a lot of emotion inside you, because they are things you’ve seen with your own eyes. There’s devastation you know you’ve seen."

Each year the Rolling Plains United Methodist Church in Zanesville takes 18 to 25 people to do mission work where most of the devastation occurred near the capital city of Haiti–Port-Au-Prince.

"We’ve done a variety of work," said Law. "We’ve helped build a clinic, an orphanage, a couple of different schools and most recently have helped them build a church outside Port-Au-Prince."

Officials fear the death toll will climb well into the thousands by the time all the rubble is cleared.

Law says if you would like to donate to the Christian Sanctuary International Ministry assisting those in Haiti, click on the link: www.csiministries.com.