Local Chamber on Health Care

by Audry Kensicki on January 13, 2010 at 5:19 am

A local organization is taking a stance on the controversial health care reform bill.

President of the the Zanesville-Muskingum Chamber of Commerce Tom Poorman said while health care is a partisan issue in Washington, D.C., it’s purely an economic issue in Zanesville and Muskingum County.

"As a chamber of commerce, we don’t really care about the politics of it, we know that exists, but that’s not our concern," said Poorman. "Our concern is what the impact of these bills, if adopted and put into law, would be on small businesses and really all businesses."

Poorman says the bill, as it stands, has certain provisions which create mandates and new taxes for businesses, creating more burdens for employers and employees.

"We’re afraid this is going to shift the costs around, not lower the cost in the health care system," he said. "We know we need health care reform. We’re strongly in support of that, and our members and businesses in this area are crying out for it, but we don’t believe these bills are the solution."

Poorman said it is the duty of the chamber of commerce to look out for local businesses, although business owners can decide for themselves how they feel about the bill.

President Obama is hoping to sign a health care bill before his State of the Union address in a few weeks.