Local Kids Hit the Hardwood

by Katie Jeffries on January 25, 2010 at 8:18 am

Local children Sunday were shooting for nothing but net.

Around 15 kids participated in the annual Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Contest. The Knights Of Columbus have held the contest for more than 30 years and it is open to any boy or girl in the community.

"It is to bring the children out, boys and girls out, ages 10 through 14, to be able to get out of the outside and come inside and get together and associate with each other and get a chance to advance through our competition through the state," says Marvin Paul a Knights Of Columbus member.

Paul says the free throw competition also promotes family time and many of fathers were on hand to give their son or daughter some pointers.  Jesse Kinder is one of the competitors and has her perfect free throw form down.

"Bend your knees and keep your arm, your elbow straight with the basket and your feet pretty straight," tells Kinder.

And the competition is teaching the boys and girls about more than just their form.

"They are learning not only to communicate and be with each other because, you know, we are working with adults too and the children we get to help with them, but they also get to learn their shooting skills, so a lot of them go out and practice before they come here because they know it is coming on next year too," says Paul.

The winners are listed below and will compete in the district competition February 7th in Lancaster.


Girls- Sydney Bradfass, Megan Frank, Jesse Kinder and Lauren Williams

Boys- Ladin Wetzel, Aaron Gehlken and Clay Tincher



Katie Jeffries