Local Schools Face New Curriculum Requirements

by Audry Kensicki on January 11, 2010 at 6:22 am

Ask any student what their favorite subject in school is and the answer probably isn’t math.

But starting with the class of 2014 — that’s this year’s eighth graders — students across Ohio will face more math and science requirements for high school graduation.

"We are having higher expectations for all students," said Linda Phillips, Curriculum Director at Zanesville High School. "We’ve been working for the past three years, looking at our curriculum, making sure students are ready. Already with this year’s freshmen, everyone is in Algebra I because that is the expectation we have now."

Phillips said students will take an exit test for Algebra II and be required to take four math courses instead of the current requirement of three.

Students will also see science classes shift toward a lab-focused curriculum. Phillips said these changes will prepare students for higher education.

"This will allow them when they go to college or tech school to not have to do any remedial courses," said Phillips. "They can start right away in the courses they need in math or whatever their major is."

Phillips said, for those students who struggle with math, Zanesville offers "interventions," which give students additional time to learn.

High schoolers are also given quarterly assessments to show teachers where they are in their learning.