Monetary Relief Most Needed in Haiti

by Audry Kensicki on January 19, 2010 at 3:42 am

For those who do want to donate to the effort in Haiti, relief organizers say they really need only one thing right now.

Captain Ralph Campbell of the Salvation Army in Zanesville said, although clothes and other items will be needed, right now money is the best way to help.

"The first week or so is assessing the needs and seeing what is needed," he said. "There is no sense in us saying please send in clothes, please send us food, because we don’t really know what is needed at this point."

Captain Campbell said the relief effort is going strong. The Salvation Army — among many other organizations — has sent people and $50,000 to the effort and will commit more.

It will also send 44,000 pounds of pre-packaged emergency rations to Haiti.

In time the organization will ask for donations other than money.

"Watching some of the news today, they’re still finding people after five days, being in buildings and trapped," said Capt. Campbell. "A lot of it right now is probably digging out people and clearing stuff and trying to find those who need help."

The Salvation Army will send teams to the earth-quake ravaged country soon. Each trip will be a difficult 14-day stint.

Campbell said if you do plan to donate, make sure it is too a reputable and well-known organization like the Salvation Army, Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

There are several ways to donate to the relief effort in Haiti through the Salvation Army:

  • You can log on to
  • Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Or send money to the Salvation Army in Zanesville at 515 Putnam Avenue, Zanesville OH, 43701

Make sure to mark on the envelope that the money is for the relief effort in Haiti.