Muskingum Co. Will See Tax Revenue From Pipeline in 2011

by Katie Jeffries on January 23, 2010 at 5:38 am

Muskingum County will not be receiving any tax revenue from the Rockies Express Pipeline in 2010.

But the Muskingum County Commissioners say that has nothing to do with the rupture on November 14th. They also did not budget any tax revenue from the pipeline for 2010.

"We did not anticipate any revenue, any tax revenue from the pipeline or the compressor station til 2011 so it really hasn’t affected the tax situation at this point," says Commissioner Brian Hill.

Commissioner Hill says the Rockies Express Pipeline is projecting a value of four million dollars for the county.

"This will be distributed to all the appropriate recipients, townships, schools, and counties so that four million dollar figure that we are hearing is not all county, it will be distributed to taxing entities throughout the county where the pipeline is located," says Muskingum County Auditor Anita Adams.

Only five percent is going into the county general fund. Though a section of the pipeline is currently being repaired after the November 14th rupture, Adams says she still expects REX to file their value with the Public Utilities Division in the spring.

"If there are some changes that might affect that, that would be handled through the Public Utility Division.  So it is possible those revenues could be pushed back til 2012, but at this point we are not anticipating that," tells Adams.

Commissioner Hill says the county will know the definite value of the pipeline for 2011 in October of this year. That is when the Public Utilities Division of Ohio will release the definite monetary figures.


Katie Jeffries