National Blood Donation Month

by Emily Baird on January 5, 2010 at 5:41 am

The snow and cold temperatures during winter have most people bottled up in their homes, and that’s affecting blood donations.

Only about five percent of the population is taking part in blood drives. So, the American Red Cross has deemed it National Blood Donation month to help keep supplies going and save a life, and there’s one blood type that’s needed above the rest right now.

"O negative is probably the one blood type that if we held a chance to just collect that, we would be there, " says Muskingum Valley Red Cross Executive Director, Dan Hartman.

Hartman says donating blood will also help people keep their New Year’s resolution of giving to others.

"I’m almost an eight gallon donor. I can go to bed at night, knowing there’s hundreds of people that have had a chance to wake up to a new day, " says Hartman.

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