Officals Talk 2010 Budget

by Kelly Mills on January 14, 2010 at 5:25 am

Other elected officials met with commissioners today to discuss the 2010 budget for their departments.

County Recorder Karen Vincent says her department spent $258,000 last year. In 2010, she’s requesting an $8,000 increase. Vincent said her employees have not been given a raise in two years and the Recorder’s Office revenue is increasing.

"In 2009 we were up about 40,000 dollars, back in 2004 we had a really good year, but since then the revenues have been declining but in 2009 they did go up," she said.

Judge Joseph Gormley met with commissioners to discuss the 2010 budget for the Juvenile Court and Detention Center.
The Juvenile Court spent around $2.6 million last year. Gormley said that’s what they’re asking for in this budget.

"No basic increases. Everything is pretty much just the same as it was last year, no raises for the employees, which of court the employees weren’t real happy about that, but the commissioners requested that we do that and we went along with their request," said Judge Gormley.

Judge Gormley also spoke with commissioners about the Probate Court budget. Last year the Probate Court spent more than $188,000 of its budgeted money, which included giving employees a three percent raise.

This year they requested a budget of around $204,000. Commissioners asked if the court could survive with a budget equal to the amount of money spent in 2009, the court director said they could barring any equipment failures.

The final budget is due April 1, 2010.